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Company History

Chembulk was originally created in response to the introduction of strict regulations by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) concerning ship emissions, supplying essential products such as caustic soda and urea to ships in North America and Canada.

This journey began 30 years ago with a family business, Coast to Coast International Marine Service, providing services to shipowners, fulfilling vessel’s needs prior to arrival and while in port. From this experience higher standards have been set, and a strong reputation made us work with the largest shipping companies.

To accelerate its development, Chembulk has formed an alliance with CCIMS. With this strategic move, Chembulk not only aligns itself with IMO emissions regulations, but also offers a full range of services for the supply of chemicals to the industry, promoting innovation and sustainability.


What services Chembulk provides for industrial chemical market?

Leading integrated chemical supplier and transporter in North America for the Industrial Chemical Market segment. Services include chemical procurement and transportation.

Offers a wide array of industrial chemicals including water treatment chemicals, flammable liquids and solvents, NOX reduction chemicals (air and water pollution prevention), and other specialty liquid chemicals. 

Partners with leading North American bulk chemical distributors, streamlining material procurement and transportation ensuring an efficient value chain.

Facilitates client plant turnarounds by supplying temporary holding tanks eliminating client’s capital investment for temporary short term onsite and offsite liquid chemical storage.

What services does Chembulk provide for the transportation market?

Comprehensive array of professional transportation services to meet clients’ logistics needs.

Fleet includes in-house heated stainless steel multi-compartment and single-bore tankers equipped with pumps and compressors, ensuring secure and all-weather transportation.

Ensures real-time shipment monitoring using advanced tracking with GPS and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Employs Certified HAZMAT drivers who undergo rigorous DOT training to guarantee safe and timely delivery.

Optimizes clients’ just in time operations with storage facilities of ISO containers, drums, IBC Totes, and bulk tanker storage at in-house warehouse – Get the product when and where needed.

What services does Chembulk provide for the maritime market?

Facilitates ship owners’ commitment to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and comply with 2018 International Maritime (IMO) strategy on reduction of GHG emissions in shipping industry.

Offers key chemicals for Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS or scrubber) to mitigate environmental risks and allow ship owners to use High Sulfur fuel, maintaining cost effective operating environment.

Provides bulk liquid transfer services as approved by US Coast Guard and Canadian port authorities in 50 ports in North America.

Offers services of certified Inhouse PIC (Person In Charge) staff supervising safe and efficient bulk liquid transfer in ports.

Offers bunkering services including chemicals, fuel supply, liquid sludge, and waste oil removal.

Flexible at ports, adapting to accommodating last-minute changes for seamless ship operations.


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