Solutions for scrubber-equipped ships and industrial applications

Supporting the blue economy.

Emissions Control and Industrial Chemicals

Chembulk delivers cost-effective solutions to meet IMO and other regulatory environmental compliances, promoting cleaner air and water.

Chemical Emission Control

We deliver innovative solutions for the supply of Chemical Products to berths, alongside, at anchorage or in dock.

Our services are carried out by hazmat-certified field technicians and experienced personnel, with the ability to pump into chemical bunker tanks safely and efficiently, ensuring cost-effective delivery.

Chembulk specializes in the procurement and the transportation of the following class of materials by bulk tankers and ISO containers across North America.

Flammable Liquids and Combustible Liquids

Liquids Oxidizer and Organic Peroxides

Liquids Corrosive Chemicals

Other Chemicals : Non Hazardous Liquids & Solids

Waste Management

Manage Chemical Life Cycle Usage, Complying with EPA RCRA, from Cradle to Grave

Hazardous Waste

Non-Hazardous Waste